Transportation, Labor, & Industry


England, Arkansas is located about 30 minutes (drive time) from Little Rock and has close access to an interstate highway system as well as transportation hubs, the Little Rock National Airport, rail connections, and barge shipping on the Arkansas River. The port of Little Rock interconnects with 15,000 miles of inland waterways providing neighboring industries with valuable shipping resources. The Arkansas River has a 300 foot channel with a nine foot draft that is open year round. The port of Little Rock offer a slack water harbor and is the site of a Foreign Trade Zone, allowing manufacturers to import goods duty free until they leave the zone. England, Arkansas is within easy driving distance of a large labor pool.


Because of its' central location, Arkansas provides a valuable transportation advantage. It is halfway between Canada and Mexico, the Carolinas and California.


In 2005, Arkansas' manufacturing sector accounted for 17.8% of the states jobs as well as 19.5% of the gross state product. Through the years, this sector has shifted from agriculture based to light manufacturing to more sophisticated processes and products such as plastics, transportation equipment and primary fabricated metals. As a result, in 2005, the average hourly earnings of production workers was $13.71 or 83% of the national average of $16.56.


Arkansas is also a "Right TO Work" state as guaranteed by the Arkansas Constitution. Because the state has experienced steady growth in technology employment, several Arkansas Universities have developed new degree programs that provide skilled workers for these emerging industries.






The New Water Treatment Plant Producses 600 Gallons of softened water per minute....


and was designed to meet the needs of potential industrial plants and England residents for the forseeable future. Regardless of what type of company needs, any company that chooses to locate in England will find the England will find the England water supply will meet their specifications. The water treatment plant manager, the city engineer and the mayor will work together to accomodate and make possible attractive water rates and assist new companies in anyway possible!