Quality of life


The England area quality of life...


England's 3,500 residents make their homes in a serene setting that combines all the charm of a friendly small town with conveniences of metropolitan living. With a variety of homes and lifestyles available, families live comfortably in neighborhoods protected by the city's fully staffed police and volunteer fire departments. Some 31 churches, representing a variety of denominations, are scattrered throughout the area. Quality healthcare is readily available and accessible to England residents.


England has a medical clinic, an optometrist, a nursing home, and skilled care facility as well as the New England Fitness Center which offers an indoor pool, walking and running track, basketball court and also a weight room featuring Nautilus Metro Plus and Nautilus Free Weights. A youth athletic program offers facilities for baseball, softball, football and basketball. The city of England maintains a nine hole golf course. England has a City Code Enforcement Officer on duty whose job is to clean up the city. The crime rate in England has been lowered considerably by a conscientious police department with an experienced chief and staff.